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The SolR Pro paired with a Slow Glow Hunting Light is the ultimate combination.  The SolR Pro features a powerful 5w solar panel and digital charge controller to keep your system running year-round.  When in direct sunlight, the SolR Pro harnesses enough energy to run both your Slow Glow Light and a trail camera year-round. Stop replacing camera batteries every few months and go solar.  SolR Pro also features a digital volt meter to monitor your battery's voltage, and provides you a USB power port to charge your phone, GoPro Camera, or other USB device in the woods where power is hard to find.

SolR Pro is designed to slide on top of a T-Post and swivel 360 degrees to face south for maximum sunlight.  Then choose 1 of 6 mounting locations to mount your light, trail camera, or other accessory.  We include (2) ball-head pivot mounts with every SolR Pro, which allows you to swivel and tighten both your light and 1 accessory exactly where you want to point it.

Choose your Light: Our Model G3 easily switches between Visible Red or Visible Green light. This is our most popular light, but if you hunt with Night Vision, you should look into our Model IRG3 that switches between Visible Green Light and Invisible 850nm Infrared Light.  Your light will stay off during the day, and turn itself on automatically at dusk to a dull 5% Training Mode.  Once motion is detected in your hunting area, the Slow Glow G3 will slowly increase light intensity over a 2-minute period to avoid spooking game.  Wild pigs, exotic game, and predators never realize they’re being lit up.  Use your light like an alarm and stalk in down wind behind the cover of your Slow Glow after motion is detected.  Manually activate your light from more than 100 yards away with the included remote control.   All our lights feature a reversible lens for a spot or flood beam pattern, and all our lights come with an unconditional 1-year warranty.  They’ll never know what lit ‘em.

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