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Infrared + Green LED

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Our all new IRG model opens up the world of night vision possibilities! Most night-vision scopes have an eluminator attached to the scope or rifle; the problem with these eluminators is too often they over-expose trees, bushes, fog, grass, and other objects between the shooter and the target.  The Slow Glow IRG eliminates this! Our IRG model is deigned to be place 25 feet away from your target hunting area.  When triggered by motion, 850nm infrared light eluminates hundreds of square feet directly in front of the light. This prevents unwanted objects between the shooter and the target to "balloon" and limit visibility.

Our IRG model gives you the best of both worlds, as it doubles as a Slow Glow Model RMT Green light.  Simply connect the power cord to the green female receiver for visible green light, or connect the power cord to the red female receiver for infrared light.  This model (in green mode) functions the exact same as our signature Slow Glow RMT model utilizing a long-distance remote control, motion detection, and training mode.