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Slow Glow RMT Hunting Light

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Our RMT Series Slow Glow L.E.D. Light is our Signature Product, featuring Long-Distance Remote-Control, Motion Detection, Training Mode, Reversible Lenses, and now every light is switchable between Red and Green!  Run it for 3-5 days on a rechargeable 12v feeder battery, or add a 5w solar panel to leave it out year-round. Mount your light just about anywhere using the included mounting clamp.



Slow Glow is not a boring feeder light; our light is designed to be mounted 5' off the ground, 20' away from where you're hunting, illuminating hundreds of square feet when triggered by motion.  Your light will stay off during the day and automatically turn on at dusk, but only at 5% of the lights intensity. This is called Training Mode as it's not bright enough to intimidate game, but introduces a light to the area. Once your Slow Glow detects motion, your light will slowly begin increasing intensity to 60% over a 2-minute period to avoid spooking game.  If you want to trigger the light manually, or increase light all the way to 100% intensity, the included remote-control activates the Slow Glow effect from more than one hundred yards away! Easily switch between Red or Green LED's by simply reversing the polarity to your battery.  The glass lens is reversible, allowing for either a flood or spot-light beam pattern.  There are no buttons or switches and is 100% automated to minimize user-error.  All lights are built by hand on our family ranch and come with an unconditional 1-year warranty.

Hunting Tip: Use Slow Glow like an alarm, as you can monitor activity from several hundred yards away.  When you see the trees are lit up, you know your light has detected motion and the hunt begins!  Sneak in down wind and behind your light, using the Slow Glow to mask your stalk, and sneak within a few feet from feeding pigs.  They'll never know what lit 'em!`