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  • Red or Green Color

    Your Slow Glow easily switches between Red and Green Color. To change the color of your hunting light, simply reverse the polarity in which you hook your light up to your 12v battery.  That’s right, hook up your light normal, it will shine Red.  Hook up your battery leads backwards, and the light will shine Green!

  • Reversible Lens'

    Our glass lens is reversible, allowing for 2 different patterns of light depending on your hunting area. One side features a 60-degree Spot Light. Simply flip the lens over to project a 120-degree Flood Light pattern.

  • Day / Night Sensor

    Your hog feeder light will stay off during the day, and automatically turn itself on a few minutes before dark. Your Slow Glow will stay on all night at 5% intensity waiting to detect motion.  Your Slow Glow Hunting Light will turn itself back off at daybreak.

  • Good Battery Light

    The side of every light has a simple small green LED "Good Battery" indicator light.  Quite simply, if this light is on, you have enough battery power to hunt through the following night. If the light is dim or fails to come on, you need to replace/charge your 12v hog feeder light battery.

  • Long Distance Remote Control

    The included remote control will control your hunting light from up to 1,000 yards away! Set your light to AUTO to let it search for motion and run itself; at any time, click the FULL button to slowly bring your light to 100% intensity to glass the area or take your shot!

  • High Power LED

    Slow Glow wild hog hunting lights utilize a powerful 12v battery, the same as most common deer feeders. These rechargeable batteries can power a Slow Glow 3-5 Nights, or add a 5w solar panel to leave your light out Year-Round.  Slow Glow utilizes powerful LED's, so there are no bulbs to replace, EVER.

They'll Never Know What Lit 'Em

Triggered by motion, Slow Glow increases light intensity over a 2-minute period to avoid spooking game. The included remote-control lets you manually control your light from up to 1,000 yards away.  Stalk in from behind your light to get crazy close shots!

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Slow Glow RMT Hunting Light

Slow Glow RMT Hunting Light

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The ALL IN ONE Package

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Where should I mount my light?

We recommend mounting your light about 5 feet off the ground, 20 feet away from your feeder, game trail, watering hole, or other hunting area. By getting the light 5' off the ground, you can maximize the "Blinding" effect, making it easy to move behind the light without being seen. Your Slow Glow motion detection has a range of about 25' to accurately detect motion and trigger the Gradual Illuminant Technology. Therefore you want your light about 20' feet away from where you hope to take your shot. If you're planning to sit and watch over your light, you can place the light further away and utilize your Remote Control to activate the light when you see game in the area.

Which is better... Red or Green Light?

The truth is every hunter out there has their own opinion on which works better. Based on all the pig hunting we've done, we've concluded that Green is easier on the human eyes. If you are hunting an open area that you're glassing from a long distance, green is much more vivid and easy for us to see details. However, our family typically hunts with Red light; this is likely because we typically bow hunt, and we like to stalk super close to pigs. Red doesn't light as broad of an area, so we recommend Red Light in more confined areas, thick with brush or near thick trees. Green tends to work better for open areas; especially if you're hunting with a gun, it's easier to see cross-hairs with green light.

Which lens should I use?

Your flat lens setting spreads the cone angle to about 120 degrees of light, which is great for lighting a broad more open area. Your convex setting narrows the cone angle to about 60 degrees, which creates more of a spot light. This is more ideal for thicker brush areas; the convex lens is also more efficient in blinding the pigs, so we recommend the convex lens when you're stalking from behind the light.

Can I use a solar panel to keep my light out year-round?

Your Slow Glow Light is engineered to run on a 12v battery system; we recommend a standard 7 amp-hour battery (same as most feeder systems) but any array of 12v power source will work. Some outfitters utilize a car or marine 12v battery, although this is over-kill, it will work effectively. A fully charged 12v battery should run the light for 3-5 nights, depending on how much activity your light is seeing. Obviously the more motion your light detects, the more power is used, and the more often you’ll have to change or charge your battery. If you want to utilize a solar-panel to keep your battery charged, we recommend no less than a 5w solar-panel to keep up with the demand of your light. If you opt to use a panel larger than 5w, we highly recommend utilizing a charge-controller to keep from over-charging your battery. We offer an extremely high quality 5w solar-panel on our website that keeps up with the demand of most situations.

My light turns on during the day... what should I check?

We've designed the Slow Glow to automatically turn off during the day when direct sunlight is recognized by the PIR day/night sensor on the right side of your light. If your Slow Glow turns on during the day, there are a few things you can check. It's important to note that artificial light (indoor lighting), won't always turn off the light, so it's not uncommon for your light to turn on while powered on indoors.
The most common reason that a light stays on during the day, is due to activating the light to 100% using the remote control, and not turning the light back into AUTO mode using the remote. When using your light at 100% by remote control, everything else is over-ridden, including the day/night sensor. Your light will stay at 100% intensity (using a ton of battery power) indefinitely until the light is either unplugged, or put into AUTO mode using the remote control.
Another common reason the light stays on during the day is because it's not in the direct sunlight; if the PIR day/night sensor is in the shade, or not getting direct sunlight, it will likely not turn off your light. Try twisting your mount or moving your light out of the shade.
If you've checked these issues and still feel the light is not properly turning off during the day, the easiest way to check a day/night sensor is to shine a flash light directly into the sensor. This should immediately turn off your Slow Glow Light.