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The Truth About Hog Control

We are dedicated to hog control and addressing hog overpopulation issues. 

The Problems

Invasive species have a knack for greatly disrupting local eco-systems and wreaking havoc for locals. Here, in the south, the number one varmint we deal with is the wild hog.

  • These wild animals cause millions in damages each year and are not slowing down. A pack of hogs can quickly destroy a farm field that’s a few acres in size; this is thanks to their literal ability to pig out and eat most things they can get ahold of. With the massive crop destruction these charismatic and indiscriminate omnivores cause, farmers face serious financial losses and less fruitful harvests. Lost crops can cause a myriad of issues, including fewer ethanol fuel sources.
  • Hogs also destroy crops thanks to their regular travel patterns. Once a wild boar walks a path, it will regularly walk that same path until the ground is beaten.
  • Hogs breed year-round—and this is a big problem. A sow can birth a litter of up to a dozen piglets, which means that two pigs can birth another 24 by the end of the year. Much like their domestic counterparts, wild hogs reach sexual maturity at one-year old. With female hogs going into heat roughly every two to three weeks when not impregnated, they constantly have the potential to rear a litter. All these factors lead to high breading rates, giving wild hog populations the ability to exponentially increase at a staggering rate.
  • Finally, much like domestic pigs, wild hogs can act as host for a myriad of deadly diseases. Yet unlike domestic pigs, we have no way of treating them. That means these life-threatening diseases can survive through wild pig populations for years. This can be seriously problematic as hogs destroy crops and likely defecate and urinate on the ones they don’t destroy—which further spreads disease.

The Solution

There’s a simple solution for all the serious problems brought on by hog overpopulation: humane hunting. Hog control can keep these varmints in check. Keep your property and finances safe and take part in resource preservation.  Proper harvest habits can help control local populations, while providing fun and exciting year-round hunting opportunities previous generations couldn’t experience.

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