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Maverick INFINITY Trail Camera Tree Mount

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Our newest member of the Maverick family is our INFINITY Trail Camera Mount. This ball-head mount is designed to screw into any tree or hard surface and allow full swing, tilt, and tightening of your device.  Our INFINITY kit comes with 3 tree spikes, 1 custom install tool for your cordless drill, a backing nut, and a heavy duty ball-head in flat-black.  

Simply chuck the installation tool into your cordless drill and thread one of the three supplied tree spikes into the tool.  Place the drill on forward and screw it into the tree where you want your camera.  Reverse the drill and pull the installation tool off the tree spike.  Thread on the backing nut and ball-head, followed by your trail camera.  Turn, swivel, tilt, and tighten the ball-head exactly where you want your camera pointing. 

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