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Trail Camera Power Cord

Regular price $10.00

If you are looking to power a trail camera using our SolR Pro, you'll need a power cord to run from your camera into the SolR Pro.  There are hundreds of trail cameras out there, many of them use different size power barrels for external power.  Make sure your Trail Camera can accept 12-volt auxiliary power; if it is a 6 or 9 volt system, you run the risk of damaging your camera.  The cable we offer is used by the majority of camera companies we've researched, but not all of them.  This power cord features a 4.0mmx1.7mm barrel to connect your camera to the SolR Pro.

You are responsible to assure the camera supports 12v accessory power, but these camera companies utilize this popular size cable: WiseEye, Spartain, Snyper, Spypoint, Meidase, Tactacam, and Covert.

It is important that you verify your trail camera can be powered by 12v auxiliary power.  If it is not, you run the risk of damaging your camera.  Do not force a barrel connector into place, if it does not fit, we sell adapter connectors. Most cameras will work with no AA batteries in-place, but some cameras will require rechargeable batteries to be installed as a backup power system.

READ YOUR CAMERAS USER MANUAL TO ENSURE IT WILL WORK WITH OUR 12V AUXILIARY POWER SYSTEM. We are not responsible for damage to cameras or other accessories that are not meant for 12-volt auxiliary power.