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Universal 12v Adapter Kit

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If you'd like to power a 12v Trail Camera or other 12v accessory using the SolR Pro system, you'll need both a power wire and a "Goose" ball head mount.  This kit includes both.

This is a universal adapter kit that offers 8 different plug sizes to adapt your accessory to our SolR Pro.  You should be able to read your accessory user manual or contact the manufacturer to see what size plug you'll need, but please ensure it is a 12-volt accessory! Plugging in a 6 or 9 volt accessory will likely cause damage to your device and Slow Glow is not responsible for damage.

What type of camera are you powering? If you're unsure, this array of adapters will likely work for you.  If you have a WiseEye, Spartain, Snyper, Spypoint, Meidase, Tactacam, or Covert Camera, you only need to purchase THIS TRAIL CAMERA KIT.

We also include one of our signature ball head mounts.  This allows you to mount an array of accessories with a 1/4" x 20 threaded insert to 1 of 6 locations on the SolR Pro.


It is important that you verify your trail camera can be powered by 12v auxiliary power.  If it is not, you run the risk of damaging your camera.  Do not force a barrel connector into place, if it does not fit, do not force it. Most cameras will work with no AA batteries in-place, but some cameras will require rechargeable batteries to be installed as a backup power system.  Every camera is different.

READ YOUR CAMERAS USER MANUAL TO ENSURE IT WILL WORK WITH OUR 12V AUXILIARY POWER SYSTEM. We are not responsible for damage to cameras or other accessories that are not meant for 12-volt auxiliary power.

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