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Infrared IRG3 Hunting Light

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It should be noted that a Night Vision Scope is required to see the Infrared Light disbursed by our IRG3 Light.

Our all new Slow Glow model IRG3 opens up the world of night vision possibilities! Most night-vision scopes have an illuminator attached to the scope or rifle; the problem with these illuminators is too often they over-expose trees, bushes, fog, grass, and other objects between the shooter and the target.  They also fall short shining infrared light effectively more than 50 yards.  The Slow Glow model IRG3 eliminates this by being mounted 25-50 feet away from your target hunting area.  When triggered by motion, 850nm infrared light illuminates thousands of square feet directly in front of your light. This prevents unwanted objects between the shooter and the target to "balloon" and limit visibility.

Our model IRG3 gives you the best of both worlds, as it doubles as a Slow Glow G3 with Visible Green light.  Simply connect the power cord to the green power-barrel for visible green light, or connect the power cord to the red power-barrel for infrared light.  Green-mode functions the exact same as our signature Slow Glow G3 utilizing Gradual Illuminant "Slow Glow" technology; in Infrared-mode, the slow delay has been removed so motion (or the remote control) increases light intensity immediately as animals are not able to see the sudden increase of infrared light.

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